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About Me James Heaton

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Heaton IT Consulting Story

I was hooked on computers when a friend helped me build my first home PC in my early 20's. In order to properly build the PC, I had to teach myself about both the hardware and software that makes a home computer function, which I found fascinating. Following that, I began working on my Business degree with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems at San Francisco State, and before long my life revolved around keeping up with the latest technology.

20 years later, after helping various companies grow their technology, I decided to bring my experience and expertise to small businesses. Now that I'm based out of Walnut Creek, CA, I see small businesses sprouting up all around me, all in need of technical assistance. All businesses need assistance with their technology, and small businesses in particular often don't have the time or resources to manage it themselves. Helping small businesses deal with this common issue is my specialty and passion. When I'm not working, I relax with my wife, my three daughters, and our Shiba Inu. I'm always looking to chat about the newest tech developments, and I'm looking forward to exploring the cutting edge with you and your business!

At A Glance


  • 20+ years of I.T. experience
  • 12 years of I.T. experience for the accounting industry
  • Experience with most accounting applications, all versions of Windows, and a wide range of Microsoft applications


  • Services billable by hour
  • General troubleshooting
  • Network configuration and setup
  • Security
  • Office 365 setup and configuration
  • Data backups and restores
  • Application upgrades
  • Able to explain technical issues to non-technical individuals

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